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- - player.swf v5 trunk LongTail Video The JW Player for Flash is the Internet’s most popular and flexible media player. It supports playback of any format the Adobe Flash Player can handle, as well as HTTP and RTMP streaming and various XML playlist formats. A wide range of settings (flashvars) can be set, and an extensive javascript API is available. The player's skinning functionality allows you to completely customize its look, and the plugin architecture allows you to easily extend the player with features such as sharing, analytics and ad serving. Version 5 marks the first time the JW Player can be built entirely using free and open-source software. http://developer.longtailvideo.com/trac/browser/trunk/fl5 - - playlistfile Location of an XML playlist which will be loaded as the player starts. - author Author of the video, shown in the display or playlist. - date Publish date of the media file. - description Text description of the file. - duration duration of the file in seconds. - file location of the mediafile or playlist to play. - image location of a preview image; showin in display and playlist. - link url to an external page the display, controlbar and playlist can link to. - provider this is determines what type of mediafile this item is, and thus which provider the player should use for playback. By default, the type is detected by the player based upon the file extension. If there's no suitable extension or the player detects the type wrong, it can be manually set. - start 0 position in seconds where playback has to start. Won't work for regular (progressive) videos, but only for streaming (HTTP/RTMP). - streamer location of an rtmp/http server instance to use for streaming. Can be an RTMP application or external PHP/ASP file. - tags keywords associated with the media file. Available since 4.3. - title title of the video, shown in the display or playlist. - - backcolor Background color (hex value) of the controlbar and playlist. This is white with the default skin. - controlbar bottom Position of the controlbar. Can be set to bottom, over and none. - - dock true Set this to true to show the dock with large buttons in the top right of the player. Available since 4.5. - - frontcolor Color (hex value) of all icons and texts in the controlbar and playlist as a hex code. - height 280 Height of the display in pixels. - lightcolor Color (hex value) of an icon or text when you rollover it with the mouse as a hex code. - playlist none Position of the playlist. Can be set to bottom, over, right or none. - - playlistsize 180 When below this refers to the height, when right this refers to the width of the playlist. - screencolor Background color (hex value) of the display as a hex code. - width 400 Width of the display in pixels. - - autostart false Automatically start playback on load. - - bufferlength 1 Number of seconds of the file that has to be loaded before starting. Set this to a low value to enable instant-start and to a high value to get less mid-stream buffering. - item 0 PlaylistItem that should start to play. Use this to start the player with a specific item selected. - linktarget _blank Target frame to open a link in. Can be "_blank", "_self","_top" or the name of an actual frame. - mute false Mute all sounds on startup. This can be overridden by a user's cookie, which stores the user's last muting state. - - playerready Javascript callback when the player has completed its setup. - repeat none Set to list to play the entire playlist once, to always to continously play the song/video/playlist and to single to continue repeating the selected file in a playlist. - - shuffle false Randomly choose which playlist item to play. - - smoothing true This sets the smoothing of videos, so you won't see blocks when a video is upscaled. Set this to false to get performance improvements with old computers / big files. Available since 4.4. - - stretching uniform Defines how to resize images in the display. Can be none (no stretching), exactfit (disproportionate), uniform (stretch with black borders) or fill (uniform, but completely fill the display). - - volume 90 Startup volume of the player. Can be 0 to 100. The user's last volume setting is saved in a cookie and overrides this flashvar.